About Instinctive Defense

About Instinctive Defense

Thank you for taking the time learn more about Instinctive Defense and the Instinctive Defense Solutions packages we have available for you, your co-coworkers, family and fellow members at your house of faith.

Instinctive Defense provides just that to its clients, a developed instinctual defense skill set that builds within you a solution based effective response. Whether in a workplace setting, home setting, in your vehicle with or without your family or out and about town. When you learn by our proprietary accelerated methods that are rooted in simplicity over complexity it makes hardwiring it that much more efficient. This approach is so highly affective you wonder why other people and organizations don’t use these methods of instructions.

Let’s back up to the founders of Instinctive Defense to provide you some context as to why this partnership and company is so special and why its impact on the world will create a shift in safety measures utilized by people worldwide.

Tracy Thomas

Tracy Thomas was born in Wisconsin 1966 and the martials arts bug bit him at the very young age of 11. He quickly learned his way around a dojo, on the mat and in the back office and at age 17 he opened his own school and managed a strength and conditioning nautilus facility. Tracy joined the United States Navy and served in the Gulf War during Operation Desert Storm. Tracy continued developing his Martial Arts instruction while stationed in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia… Izmir, Turkey and Cairo, Egypt.

Tracy was honorably discharged from the Navy in 1991. He successfully continued Martial Arts training and building and consulting on several businesses throughout the United States. Two companies that are relevant to the Instinctive Defense project and serving you currently are REV Marketing specializing in top level internet marketing and reputation management as well as GO2 Firearms Safety providing all manner of safety and personal security skills to civilians and Law Enforcement worldwide. Tracy has also authored a number of books on varied subjects such as “Why Martial Arts Can Positively Change Lives”, “Krav Maga Training Manual: A Guidebook to Changing Your Life Through the Martial Arts”, “Active Shooter Defense”, “Survive A Carjacking”, “College Bound Self-Defense”, “Anti-Abduction And Kidnapping Defense”, “Urban Defense Tactics”, “Home Invasion Defense”, ” Edged Weapons Defense”, “Every Day Carry Defense” and several more.

Needless to say Tracy brings a large variety of skills and knowledge to the solutions Instinctive Defenses provides.