Corporate Defense Training (CDT)

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Corporate Defense Training (CDT)


“Stay Safe CDT Course”

The Instinctive Defense “Stay Safe CDT Course” enhances the growth and the safety of the company in a variety of ways.


On-Site Mobile Self-Defense Training

Providing businesses, private & corporate on-site mobile self-defense training & consultation throughout the country.

  • Corporate Defense Courses
  • Active Shooter planning and training
  • Route Planning
  • Active Attacker planning
  • Workplace Violence
  • Sexual Harassment and Assaults
  • Personal Safety
  • Vehicle Parking and Safety
  • Establishing Confidence in the Workplace
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A Proven Track Record

Instinctive Defense has been managed and operated by Go2 Firearm Safety and maintains a proven and successful track record across the country and overseas.
Instinctive Defense has instructors of all levels instructing Active Shooter Response Training across the country and overseas.

ASR Training for You

Is The Active Shooter Response (ASR®) Training Course For You?

YES! The Active Shooter Response (ASR®) Training Course at Instinctive Defense teaches survival topics with physical scenario training. Whether you are an individual a range, defense instructor or a martial arts school owner this course will change your outlook on what you see on the news each week. With real-world practical applications our nationally recognized ASR® course with give you the skillset needed in today’s environment. The threat is real and its everywhere… Are you ready and are you training others to be ready?

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Threat / Need Assessment: 

Create a complete Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for businesses.

Train the Trainer Certification: 

Whereas one or more selected individuals are certified to train the various departments and their employees by Instinctive Defense.

Liability and Risk Management:

 Currently, OSHA does not have any specific guidelines for active shooter training courses or violent work encounters for businesses. However, they have recognized the importance of preparing workers and employees within a company for these types of incidents. With both the courts and OSHA, they are now holding employers responsible for preventing workplace violence under the General Duty Clause, which states that employers must maintain a workplace free from recognized hazards causing, or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to workers.

In 2017 OSHA released a directive titled “Enforcement Procedures and Scheduling for Occupational Exposure to Workplace Violence” to OSHA inspectors, in order to start implementing proper workplace training for violent events.

As of this year OSHA does not yet have specific requirements for active shooter response training, it’s clear that employers are responsible for putting in place some sort of plan and training program to help employees understand what to do in this type of situation. At Instinctive Defense we supply an employee certification course that can be managed by our instructional team or through our Train the Trainer Program (TTP). This program is designed to train key personnel who would attend our certification course and maintain the training onsite after the initial introductory training.