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Personal Defense Training (PDT)


When it comes to instructing individuals and their families in staying safe, the Instinctive Defense “Stay Safe PDT” Course is one of the country’s finest courses within the industry.


Who Is The Personal Defense Training Course For?

The Personal Defense Training Course at Instinctive Defense is all about the every day practical defense concepts This course will train its course attendees on the everyday carry items, weapons of opportunity such as impact weapons, edged weapons, gun defense and much more. The Instinctive Defense instructors teach the necessary skillset and defensive tactics in a wide range of life-like scenarios from parking lot safety, elevators, on the street, ATM and more. Situational awareness combined with the correct mind and skill set to keep you safe.

Here is a list of whom we serve in communities;

  • Individuals
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Day Cares
  • Public
  • Private Schools
  • Civic Leagues
  • Realtors
  • Places of Worship
  • Churches
  • Casinos
  • Medical Offices
  • Banks
  • Credit Unions
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shooting Ranges
  • Firearm Related Companies
  • Military Personnel
  • Law Enforcement Officers
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Top Notch Instructors

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Instinctive Defense Instructors Are Top Notch

Instinctive Defense utilizes top Instructors from Veterans, L/E, Active Military, and Defense Instructors. Our company’s uniqueness is in the instructional aspects and course curriculum. Our course material, effectiveness and planning is second to none. Our course instructors own multiple defensive tactics, self-defense, combatives, Krav Maga, and edged weapons defense companies. Real-World Instructors serving our communities.

Instructors and Consultants:

  • Veterans
  • Active and retired Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prior SWAT Team members
  • Defense Instructors
  • Combat Medical Consultants (one of leading experts and pioneer)
  • Active, retired and prior Special Forces
  • Leading Threat Assessment Personnel